Grant Request Form and Grant Guidelines

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2017 Grant Form

Grant Program Guidelines

The mission of Clearwater For Youth (CFY) is to help ensure no child is turned away due to financial concern and help support those who participate in any co-sponsored youth athletic programs.  Participants and requests may be for individuals and organizations that have a current agreement with the City of Clearwater for the season the request is made.  All grant requests must be administered through the co-sponsored organization’s Board of Directors and requested by the Board.  All funds will be paid to the organization, not to an individual or team. Non City co-sponsored Pinellas County youth sports organizations will also be considered for secondary grants upon merit of request. CFY Board of Trustees may exceed these guidelines and issue a grant upon their discretion within our overall mission.

  1. Program Scholarships – The purpose of this program is so no child, due to economic conditions, will be prohibited from playing in any City of Clearwater co-sponsored program. Requests shall be made at the conclusion of the organization registration cycle.  The organization should submit a master sheet of all scholarships given with the appropriate paperwork attached for each scholarship recipient. The organization will be reimbursed a percentage for scholarships given during their registration based on the guidelines and scholarship funds available.

The Pinellas County School lunch program assistance guidelines are used to determine the amount for each scholarship applicant.

  • Free lunch program qualified: A maximum of 75 – 100% scholarship of registration  (This includes qualified Pinellas schools under the new Community Eligibility Option (CEO). These students will receive a Community Eligibility letter as verification.)
  • Reduced lunch program qualified: A maximum of 50 – 75% scholarship of registration fee.
  • Scholarships capped at maximum annual grant of $10,000 for Recreational designated organizations and $5,000 for Club/Competitive/Non Co-Sponsor designated organizations.

Individual Scholarship Criteria:

  • Community/Recreational Programming
    1. Available to all participants.
    2. Participant may receive multiple awards for different sports.
  • Competitive Programming
    1. Priority basis: 1-Clearwater residents 2- Pinellas County residents 3- Others based on available funds.
    2. Only one competitive award per person during a fiscal year.
  1. Travel Reimbursement – The purpose of this program is to provide grant funding for youth athletes to compete on the regional, state or national level where a qualifier is required to participate. This grant is a matching grant and evidence of the match funding is required prior to approval of grant.  Awards may be for a team or individual, but not both.  Team grants will be for a maximum of $2,500 (national) or $1,000 (state and regional) and individual awards up to a maximum of $250 with a maximum of $1,000 per team.  Individual awards may be granted on the priority basis, but only to participants on the team’s original roster.


  1. Facility/Equipment Development – The purpose of this program is to provide funding for an approved co-sponsored youth organization that has an approved facility project or large equipment purchase that will be used at one of the City of Clearwater facilities.  Evidence of matching grant is required prior to approval.  Only one grant per organization is allowed in any fiscal year with a maximum grant award of $5,000 (additional funding up to $25,000 for special facility projects may be approved by the full board.)


  1. Grant Cycles – Rolling. Grants will be reviewed during Clearwater For Youth scheduled board meetings for approval. Under special circumstances grants can be reviewed and approved between scheduled board meetings by the grant committee up to the grant amount of $5,000.